The case for the copywriting agency: Good copy costs money, bad copy costs more

Stop looking in Fiverr.

A copywriting agency can seem like an expensive option for a small growing business. However, if you’re looking to evolve your business and increase webpage conversion, working with a proper copywriting agency might be the only true path to growth.

One great example of this is from last year when I talked to a prospective client. They wanted to update their website copy and increase their organic traffic to their website.

My first impression of it was that the site was that it was ok. But after talking to the client, I discovered the  wonderful things they were doing, the fascinating people they’d worked with and the important work they were doing.

Their website was missing essential details. But just as worrying, their business copy did nothing to promote their core values or brand personality.

The website copy didn’t sing. It communicated a core service professionally on a basic level, but in context with who this company is and what they really do, the copy was flat. I wanted to know how the company solves problems. I wanted to get to the heart of the business.

Reading the site created no heart connection. Why would I work with this business? Why should I care they exist?

This a sad pattern. The disparity between a ten-minute conversation to what they have published on one of their most important tools can often be vast.

Did they use a copywriting agency, I ask? No, they forfeited going with a copywriting agency to use a freelancer on Fiverr instead. The cost? The price of a couple of pizzas.

And it all makes sense. 

An agency will looks a your overall goals beyond the job they’re given

Don’t get me wrong, platforms like Fiverr are a great solution for start-ups with limited resources. Anyone in this position should use these platforms. With some luck, you’ll  find a gem of a freelancer.

But not if you’re looking for the cheapest supplier possible.

When is a copywriting agency needed?

A copywriting agency is for when an evolving business becomes aware of how they need to grow. When they become serious about being a competitive voice in a big market.

It’s naïve to write copy without any real thought behind it and think that it’s going to do it’s job. This is where a copywriting agency can prove their value by showing you the way forward. They can unlock the potential of all your platforms, ensuring that each one is in harmony with the other and on brand. They won’t just knock-up some web content for you. They’ll advise you on your strategy.

If you want to produce quality copy to enhance your brand, you have to celebrate the passion you have for your business with a strong voice. And for that you’ve got to be prepared to invest. Using a copywriting agency isn’t cheap. Why? Because the best work comes from a copywriter who has emotionally invested in you.

You need copy with a point of view. You want people to get excited about you? Say something that means something.

A copywriting agency gives your content a point of view

A copywriting agency understands that your website is your shopfront, it should clearly represent what you do, your core values and your brand’s overall personality. That requires someone to properly engage with your business.

So think about what you’re paying for. To immediately grab a browser’s attention, the content you are producing needs to bang. That sort of writing comes at a cost, even with a freelancer. 

Your website is your shopfront, it should clearly represent what you do, your core values and your brand’s overall personality. That requires someone to properly engage with your company.

It’s a shame because I come across so many clients who are in the same situation. I can see how they could interest their audiences if they had the right help. Someone who could help them focus their business copy to mean something, show what they believe in and what they want to achieve as a company.

That’s not the amount of gross turnover you want, but how you see your offering in the world, how it improves lives or enhances experiences.

An agency is a team of experts

A copywriting agency does the work for you in compiling the best writers and will have a team of copywriters, and often other experts in the creative and digital realm. There are some amazing freelancers out there, but often people go through a few suppliers before they find someone that does the job.

A copywriting agency will only have writers who can prove their credentials. The chances of you being matched with a quality writer are much higher. Someone who can produce you copy and content that captures your passion, uniqueness and knowledge. It will celebrate your expertise in your niche. Present you in a genuine way.

Added to this, the joint team will have a plethora of knowledge that backs up their writers across the spectrum. Copywriting agencies will understand how your perspective could be harnessed elsewhere; nurture an engaged audience on social media.

A good copywriter will be excited by the possibilities. They’ll use your vision and transpose it onto your ‘shopfront’. They won’t use jargon, the copy will be meaningful and tap into the problems of prospective clients. It will make them understand why they should care. 

A copywriting agency will understand the exciting possibilities available

Tedious copy is the death of business. If it says nothing about why consumers should engage with you in particular, then why is it there?  It’s not about using clever words to whip clients into a veil of untruths, this is about really delving into a client’s key capabilities and core beliefs, and using them to truly express the brand in words. It’s about communicating the meaning behind what you do.

There has been a real movement behind ‘authenticity’ in marketing, creating a human connection to be ‘real’ and pep up content. Sometimes the road to authenticity is misguided.

The authentic approach is definitely about the humans behind the company, the stories of the people who run it. For instance, a good story on an ‘about us’ page can make all the difference between someone who bounces, and someone who decides you’re worth spending money on.

It can sometimes be an ‘I had a hard day’ post on your socials – and those are important in appropriate contexts. But not always.

A copywriter worth their salt will give you the right advice. They will be backed by a wider team who are informed of the latest trends, and who have backgrounds across niches, which is useful when it comes to industries that are related, and being inspired by each other.


However, you don’t have to choose. You can be professional and authentic. Because it’s also about delving into your beliefs as a business owner. And it’s not just about you, it’s more about being relatable. Authenticity can simply be you conveying your passion and energy for what you do so your readers feel an emotional response when they are engaging with you. It’s this that helps them to emotionally connect and decide to invest in you.

A brand that conveys its truth will always be more successful than those who pretend to be something they’re not just to get sales. Buyers are smart and can tell the difference.

If your brand means that your copy needs to have its best suit on, then that is the route you must go. But that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring, and your run of the mill Fiverr copywriter may not care enough to tell you the truth on that. A copywriting agency would.

How much should it cost?

To ask a copywriter to understand what your business really does, then it’s worth much more than a few cups of coffee, or a pizza. I put it in those terms because I want you to really think about this. In order to get the content that your business truly deserves, you need to be prepared to invest that little bit extra.

My hot tip: find a professional writer who shows they actually care about what it is that you do, and about what they do. Someone you can speak to on the phone, or in person. Someone who wants to produce your content with their name and reputation attached to it. A copywriting agency writer is going to fit that much more than an anonymous provider. 

Every business has a budget on their needs, and sometimes that only stretches as far as Fiverr. But sometimes  you get what you pay for. If that’s the cost of a takeaway, and you’re happy with the results, then you’ve cracked it.

But if you’ve been there, and are now exploring other options because you don’t have the time or money for constant mediocre results, then think about your investment and what that means for the service you are going to receive.

If that’s you, you need a copywriting agency to do the work for you.

So you might want to move away from costs that amount to ‘disposable’ products. Your business is your baby, so give it the best you can.

Written by Jade Zienkiewicz, Phlashweb’s Content and Services Director.

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