What’s stopping you from being remarkable?

What’s stopping you from being remarkable?

The greatest people in business have their own unique ways of working, built and defined by the skills they’ve mastered through their career. However, some of their methods, actions and ways of thinking match. According to the authors of Inc.com here is what unites them:

They don’t have a backup plan. They know that this plan would give them an exit if the initial one doesn’t work. But, they also know that if they are consistent and hardworking then they will learn from their mistakes, and they’ll always find a way to make it work. What they apply instead of a backup plan is total dedication.

They do the job. They are aware that you can have success with a little effort, but to be truly good at what you do, you need more than that. You can be great at anything if you invest a massive amount of effort and focused labour. There is no short-cut. Just work, now!

They do a lot more. If they are entrepreneurs, they work significantly more hours than the average employee. They want to lead by example. They have an endless list of tasks, but they invest their time because they want to, not because they have to. The only way to become remarkable is to be able to handle something that no one else could – or wants to!

They avoid crowds. They don’t like the conventional. For them, to do what everyone else is doing, no matter how popular it is, means that they agree to be mediocre. It’s their habit to do what others don’t, to go where others wouldn’t because they know they will have less competition and a bigger chance of success.

They start with the end. The average success is often based on average goals. By pointing out from the very beginning where and how you want to end: to be the best, the fastest, the cheapest, the biggest etc., you can build up space between where you are now and where you want to be, backwards.

They don’t stop. When they achieve their goal, no matter how big it is, it doesn’t mean it’s over. It’s time for another, a bigger goal, now that they’ve built up the base. The people who are really successful don’t expect to win only one race. They plan to become winners in multiple marathons, consecutively.

They are never too proud. They can easily admit if they’ve made a mistake. They say sorry. They realise that their success is part of other people’s efforts too. And they ask for help.
Some of these skills are definitely not easy to develop, but once you do, you’ll be unstoppable. Write your goals on a whiteboard, or on a note on your refrigerator, on the mirror or wherever possible, and make sure you look at them a few times every day. Make yourself accountable for every step of the way, every mistake and also, every little win.

And once you are up there, don’t forget where you started.

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