Charisse Monero – Activate Futures

Someone once told me that you are walking in the footsteps of Giants. I remember feeling positively emotional about the idea of my pathway treading in the pathways of those who accomplished great things. However what if you find a giant to walk beside you? In truth that’s what I found in Jade Zienkiewicz Content Director at Phlashweb. A giant who has a rare genius ability to listen, help you incubate, evolve and transform and transcend your business vision into reality.

The creative metamorphis.

Amidst the uncertainty of the global pandemic I wanted to evolve a intersectional coaching platform for women. The important threads and non-negotiables was to create a business venture of unwavering artistic integrity, authenticity and as its founder to hear my vision and voice powerfully exemplified though it’s very being.

Jade was a excellent source of support, creative consultancy and counsel at every iteration, growth and evolutionary stage of the business. Her greatest quality is her transformative capacity to encapsulate your voice and vision and discharge into powerful content. As well as her humanity to understand the depths of what you want to do and support you through its metamorphosis.

The final product Jade produced superseded all of my expectations and what was developed was beautiful content. Fundamentally my voice was powerfully imprinted all over it. Jade went above and beyond and pushed all boundaries to think out of the box.

She has become a trusted creative consultant and advisor. I cannot recommend highly enough brilliant Jade.