Video Content Services

Packages from £250 a month.

Engage, entertain, influence

Videos are adaptive, easy to digest and the most powerful medium to share messages in a way which will make an impact.

The purpose of marketing is not just to find the right people, but to make them stay. By combining storytelling and effects you can catch people’s attention, make them notice you, but also encourage them to stay through inspirational and memorable messaging.

81% of businesses are now using video for marketing and, 82% of all traffic will consist of video by 2020. Videos push users into action, helping them make a purchasing decision. They can increase brand awareness and, pitched at the right level, can turn your customers into fans, helping to spread the message of your brand even further.

Expand your influence.

Videos businesses to quickly communicate core messages about products and services to the right people. We help clients to get a deeper sense of their purpose and how they help people, taking a company from where it is, to where it needs to be.

Our video services

Pro-filming days

If you’re looking for a professionally filmed video, our crew are ready to come out and spend a day or two with you to film everything you need.  Our professional videographers know how to direct and film in a way that builds trust and engagement in a slick and professional way. Whether you need something promotional, internal training, instructional or safety videos, we’re here to help you engage, teach and entertain. 

Social media videos

You need content which grabs the viewer immediately, and the shorter the better. A good one-minute video is an opportunity to meet your customers through a medium that they are most likely to respond emotionally to and create a connection to you, which is the basis of customer loyalty. Whether it’s an editorial job, or you need us to both create the video and run it in Facebook and Instagram advertising, we can do it.

Post-production work

We perform post-production work on video footage – this is footage you already have that needs work. It may be something you filmed yourself on the phone, or an old video that needs revamping. We can jazz up any footage, making it branded and professional with intros, outros and any special effects.


In a world where people are seeking out more meaningful connections, an interview is one of the best tools available to show your audience who you really are, what your story is, and learn more about your positive practices. Works really well for social media, ‘about’ pages, or advert campaigns where you want emotional buy-in to your brand.


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