Digital Marketing

Ongoing Support

Packages from £300 p/m

We work collaboratively to support you

Your website needs regular care and attention to keep it robust and relevant as technology adapts. We believe in creating products that can be easily managed and grown, so whether we built your site for you, or if you are just looking for a new provider, we can give your site the support it needs. We nurture products without putting you through any hassle.

No website is too complex or too simple for our team.

Whether your site was developed in a Content Management System like WordPress or developed bespoke the old fashioned way, our excellent team of developers are on hand to keep your site running in top notch condition. It doesn’t matter if you’re an established e-commerce site or just beginning to stake a digital presence, Phlashweb are here to make sure your site is always ready and accessible for your customers

Personal Support

Our Technical Lead Oliver Harrison will be in regular contact with you so that you can report issues directly to the members of our team that will be supporting you. The ‘swiss army knife’ of technical support, Oliver has experience with a huge variety of technologies and is always excited to add another to his toolkit, meaning your issues will always be dealt with directly by him and his excellent team.

Flexible packages

Our base package for £300p/m will cover all the basic necessities for keeping your site functional and optimal, from updating scripts and plug-ins to constant security monitoring. However, alongside the package we offer a range of bolt-on services, including one-off development for new templates or functionality, regular Search Engine Optimisation analysis, or digital marketing support. All of our extras can be added or removed from our service as and when you need them.

Our core services


Security is at the heart of our maintenance service, ensuring that your site is safe from attacks and that your customers and personal information is protected to the highest standards is Phlashweb’s number one priority. We will keep the burden off your shoulders to ensure minimal downtime in the unfortunate event of a an attack and prevent private information becoming compromised.


If your site was built in a modern CMS like WordPress or Drupal we can ensure all your plug-ins stay up to date as new releases come out and also handle rolling back of old updates for any not quite perfect releases that may break your site. If your site is hand-developed we can ensure your scripts stay up to date and that we regularly update the code to fit ever evolving standards.


We can host your website for you, taking away the technical complexity that comes with keeping a site on the web. We will manage all server side operations and can maintain the integrity of your site best when we use our own hosting services.


We will back up your site frequently, keeping back-ups indefinitely, meaning you can always revert to an older version of your site whenever you need to. So if something goes wrong, we will always be able to get your site operational quickly as we will always have a functioning back-up stored.

24/7 monitoring

We will regularly check-in on your site throughout the day and night to ensure we catch any issues as soon as they occur. We will monitor security, updates, and back-end integrity on a 24 hour basis.


We will run regular tests on your site to ensure it’s optimised as efficiently as possible. By ensuring we keep your site load times down we will increase the chances of customers staying and engaging with your product, as well as reducing the overheads involved in updating and maintaining your site.


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