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Oliver Harrision

Technical Architect and Developer

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Technical Architect & Developer

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Technical Consultant and Developer

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Support Manager

Outsource to the Experts and Focus on Your Core Business with our Dedicated IT Support Services

Having supported large and small businesses on their IT projects for a number of years now we understand companies need to have flexibility in their human resourcing.  Having the extra capacity for project work or troubleshooting issues can be invaluable, especially when the cost of systems failures or delayed projects can have such a significant impact.  We also know that not everyone’s needs are the same which is why we offer completely bespoke flexible support packages tailored to suit you.

Taking on an internal headcount can be an expensive & often risky decision and for some businesses, and for others, the budget simply isn’t there.  This is where Phlashweb steps in to fill the gap giving you support on demand when you need it without the need for lengthy recruitment processes or long-term staff commitment.

Having a broadly experienced, low-cost on-hand technical support team to work with you on your projects and support your day-to-day operations could be just what your business needs.  Many businesses feel liberated from the stresses of managing everything themselves to a place of reassured focused delivery on what they do best after taking on a support contract.

Our IT support services ensure your digital tools get the regular care and attention to keep them robust and relevant as technology adapts. We have experts from across a wide spectrum of technologies, so whether you need support for a client-facing e-commerce website, an app, or your internal web services, we’re here for you.

We work with a number of large UK-based companies, and our 20 years of in-house experience means we can provide you with the immediate care and attention that an onsite IT team would.

Want to Focus on What Counts in Your Business?

Let us take care of the IT Support and give you the freedom to focus on what matters.

Request a free technical review today and our team of experienced technical leads can draw up a plan to get you back on track.

Request your free Technical Review below.

Request a Free Technical Review

Jade was an excellent source of support, creative consultancy and counsel at every iteration, growth and evolutionary stage of the business.

Charisse – Activate Futures – Copywriting

I am a very satisfied client of Phlashweb.

Yeukai Taruvinga – Active Horizons

These guys (Phlashweb) really understand what we’re going through, they resonate with us.

Picture of Phlashweb client Hans Balgbobin

Hans Balgobin – Singularity Tech

Phlashweb are on fire! They’ve been a great find for us at NTE, creating high quality content and giving us just what we needed to elevate the brand.

James Alton – Now Thats Entertainment

I can’t recommend Plashweb enough – Jade is an expert copywriter with passion.

Alicja Korbinska – Professional Photographer

IT Operations Reviews

Are your technical operations a headache you just don’t want to deal with?  Are you constantly fire-fighting challenge after challenge wishing you could just hand it over to someone else?

Let us perform an operational review of your business and discuss a way to help liberate you from the day to day stress in a way that meets your budget, lets you grow your business, and puts you back in control.

Project + 1

IT Projects are notoriously difficult to plan and resource and running into bottlenecks can cause expensive delays.  Let us be the +1 for your business when you need extra capacity or just something built from scratch.

Our hourly rate is very competitive and we offer flexible contracts that give you just what you need to get the job done.

Technical Account Managers

Running a Technical Support Service isn’t just about trouble shooting bugs or keeping the technical lights on, its about speaking to people and managing their expectations.  That’s why our support managers are just as good at communicating with humans as they are with computers.  You can rest assured you’ve left your systems in safe hands.

Project Reporting

When you’re running an outsourced service you need to feel comfortable that you’re getting good value for money.  At Phlashweb we ensure you’re kept in the loop of everything we’re doing through regular reporting and documentation.

Experienced Consulting

Having a support service contract isn’t always about fixing problems or building apps.  Sometimes it’s about having someone available to discuss the problems your facing and offering up potential solutions.  Sometimes knowing which screw to turn doesn’t have to cost a million pounds.

Code Development

Our In House Team of Technical experts don’t just fix bugs all day.  They’re also highly competent developers with a breadth of skills in different languages building anything from mobile apps to fully-fledged standalone applications.

Let us take care of those small projects you’ve had on the backlog for months, or the big ones you really need extra resource on.

Website Maintenance

In today’s world having a web presence is paramount and having it stable, running, and secure is an ongoing challenge.  Our website maintenance service is tailored to our clients’ needs. No website is too complex or too simple, so whether your site was developed in a Content Management System like WordPress or developed bespoke the old fashioned way, whether you’re an established e-commerce site or just beginning to stake a digital presence, our excellent team of developers are on hand to keep your site running in top notch condition.

Ongoing Technical Support

We find many businesses benefit from a long-standing collaborative relationship with a technical services team that cares about their business. Our services are bespoke, flexible, and personal so that you can rest assured that your IT woes have been taken care of. One of our many strengths is that we know there are very few problems that can’t be solved and our highly effective service model means that our robust team of specialists deal with incoming queries quickly and efficiently.

Reporting that's readable

We know that many clients aren’t particularly interested in the technical details of why something isn’t working but they do want to understand the bigger picture.  That’s why our reporting is written in a way that your business can understand. 

Monthly ongoing contract

We don’t need to lock you in for 6 months to get results.  Our contracts are flexible and rolling and adaptable as our relationship and services evolves and builds to match your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not necessarily, our projects can be completely tailored to suit you and your budget.  We just make sure you get a result in a way that works.

We give you a dedicated technical support line that you can ring whenever you need help.  You have a problem, we take care of it.

Most people find the benefit not just in cost savings but more importantly in through the extra capacity it frees up within the business.  Managing a constant headache is not particularly conducive to building a flourishing business and once that pain is taken away businesses often experience a range of benefits that completely transforms their operations.

We provide regular reporting and work with whatever ticketing system you’re currently using.  If you don’t have one we can set one up for you and if you don’t want one we have a point of contact with you at all times.  Our reports are written in human-readable English and if you have questions we’re always around to help.


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