Your Partner in Property

Initially a copywriting project for the website, John came back to us to help him finish the development of his property services website after the project came to a standstill. It was a pleasure to help get this completed for him so he could launch.

John needed to redesign the property section of his site and have users book directly with him. We created a booking form John’s site with a captcha to prevent spam, added a drop-down menu for his properties, and a new property index page, among other things.

This was as much of a project management process in quality assurance as it was a technical project. John needed an all-seeing eye on his site to pull the pieces together and make sure it made sense. We didn’t do the designs, but we finished the site for John to a high standard, making sure there were no holes or missing content.

During the process, we also created a video library showing John’s assistant how to edit the website in various ways, so it is easy to manage the platform themselves once handed over.

John now has the lovely professional website that he deserves, showing off both his mentoring services and his many properties.