Website development and copywriting: PHLASHWEB

Not only did we want to create a website that showcases our technical abilities, but we needed to make our new website more consistent in both style and function.

We’re really proud of the animations on the desktop version of the site, which we feel show our brand and abilities perfectly. There’s now also a coherent navigation, and a solid and consistent style, which includes fonts, forms and messaging. Combined, they communicate a stronger brand and a more harmonious user experience.

Another aim was to create a portfolio that presents our body of work clearly, so that users can understand how we solve our clients problems.

And last of all, we wanted to develop a blog that showcases our skills and new copywriting services better, and give it a more professional feel. We also plan to feature blogs and interviews from expert guest writers – friends and colleagues from around the industry.

So far 100% of our testers have said how easy and fluid it is to use. However, we are in the last stages of refinements, and continuing to work on the site at the time of writing.

The new Phlashweb site is due to officially launch at the end of April, and we’ll be sharing more on our aims and development of the site in a blog nearer the time. Get in touch if you’d like to give some feedback of your user experience. We’d love to hear from you.