Logo development, Brand identity, website copy and Squarespace website set up: The Journey Inward

The Journey Inwards is a holistic healing platform run by reiki and breathwork practitioner, Kieran Cumberbatch. Kieran takes a coaching approach to delivering his services, and as a qualified yoga instructor, he was looking to upgrade his platform and connect his skills in a joint offering. He wanted to create a stronger understanding of how he helps his clients.

We achieved this by creating website copy that both educated and informed on The Journey Inward’s services. We consulted Kieran on how he supports his clients in mental and physical healing, getting them into a growth mindset. The resulting copy has flow, personality and clarity.

Phlashweb then worked with Kieran to help him build a visual brand that appealed to a broad audience. We created his logo, branding and a new iteration of his website in Squarespace using these tools. The website copy needed to be motivating and impactful, blending seamlessly with the elevated visual look and feel of The Journey Inward. We were delighted to work with him and with the results of the project.