Danielle Jourdan – About Us Page Content

Earlier this year we were delighted to work with Nicole Jourdan London, a luxury candle creator based in East London. We were charged with writing a strong piece of content for the website’s About Us page to better communicate the story behind the company that was formulated during the first lockdown of 2020.

When we began to work together, Danielle, the brand’s creator and candle crafter was about to celebrate Nicole Jourdan London’s one year anniversary. She had a compelling message to convey, but as with all business owners, was struggling to find the time to talk about her work.

We interviewed Danielle extensively, as is our process, which resulted in content that connects to her audience in a personable and authentic way, while relating the transformative effects that light and scent can have on an environment and well-being. Underlying is a message that educates her audience on the principles behind her products, and the ethos of her brand.

Danielle is a passionate crafter and we learned so much from her, from the industry she’s working in, to the fascinating science of candle-making. She educated us on the different waxes and resulting products, as well as the ethical discussions taking place in the industry. It was delightful to listen to her passionate views and knowledge, and to learn how it connected to her work in mental health.

As she put it: “They aren’t just candles: this is about blending mindfulness into our lives in a practical way. Creating an environment that makes you feel joyful, relaxed and soothed. Light and scent literally transform our surroundings. Candles can form a small but meaningful ritual in our daily lives that can impact us positively.”