WordPress development and copywriting work: Active Horizons

Active Horizons is a charity founded by Yeukai Taruvinga, and has helped over 1,200 young people, with a strong focus on the local B.M.E community and countless families from deprived backgrounds.

It seeks to educate, empower and boost both the vocational and business skills of young people to increase their chances of success in working life.

All their programmes are underpinned with the teaching social awareness, community engagement and being an active member of society. 

Website redevelopment: creating a useful online tool

We’ve transformed the website into a place of community for the charity, as well as a digital tool which allows families to book programmes online, pay for after school services or send donations. The user experience has increased engagement and deepened the understanding of Active Horizons’ work among the community and  has noticeably increased their organic discoverability online.

The clean and attractive branding has helped solidify Active Horizons as a legitimate presence in the community which is youth-led and forward thinking with an important social outlook.

Copywriting: telling Yeukai’s story

Yeukai worked with our copywriter Jade to have her ‘About’ section professionally written to communicate the story of Active Horizons which was born of Yeukai’s own experiences of being a homeless political refugee, a story that deserved to be told in a way that did it justice.

Yeukai commented on how the website has elevated the charity through the online functions they now have, stating: “The website is amazing, it’s one of the best things that has happened to us. It’s created more trust with people and we’ve had great feedback. It’s given us a lot of confidence, and we feel it’s giving people so much more information about us and representing us in a great way.”

This was a truly inspiring project to work on and Active Horizons now has a website it deserves.