Phlashweb’s Business Bounce Back web series

Making your company digitally buoyant

Now, more than ever, it’s clear that businesses need to adapt in order to survive. Lockdown may be easing off, but the need for flexibility is more evident than before, and increasingly companies are needing to get creative and finally face up to the long ignored digital evolution of their businesses.

We’re therefore pleased to announce a series of virtual conferences aimed at directing businesses to build a stronger and robust presence. 

Each of our sessions have been designed to focus on different aspects of running a company, from the practical digital set up, approaches to marketing, and building a website that will be a lasting tool for your business.

‘Break out’ rooms provide a networking space where you can meet fellow business owners, and there is a question and answer session at the end of each talk.

We will also be inviting questions in advance to answer during the session.
Tickets cost £8.25 and are available at

Business Bounce Back Programme

28th July 2020 at 7pm
Building your digital backbone
Phill Ash, founder of Phlashweb, kicks off the series with his talk to steer companies – even those with a traditional shop front – to build digital foundations that increase flexibility and stand the test of time. In his talk, he’ll cover some of the core tools you can use to run your business digitally, and how you can apply them to create real working practices. Phill studied Computer Science before setting up his own businesses in Fintech consulting, web development, marketing and property management. He is a great believer in building resilient businesses by forging a digital backbone. 

4th August 2020, 7pm
Copy, clients and subculture: why your clients usually aren’t ‘everyone’
Jade Zienkieiwcz, our resident copywriter, discusses both avatars, and the importance of using language as a tool to reach them. She discusses how knowing who your clients are can help you reach them easier, and how it can transform how they discover and interact with you online. Jade spent 12 years in content creation for a respected writers’ organisation. Her project management and user testing experience have only affirmed her faith in clear copy that is both targeted to its specific users and communicates values.

11th August 2020, 7pm
Wix, WordPress or custom build websites? Building an effective tool for your business needs.
Oliver Harrison, Phlashweb’s Digital lead talks through the options for web development and the suitability of each of the most popular options. He will discuss how web builds can directly affect the growth in a business, whether you just need a shop front, or whether you are ready to elevate your existing website into an e-commerce platform. Ollie has spent the last year at Phlashweb servicing our e-commerce clients, building web tools that create ease of access and retail experience. He believes business owners should be focussing on the bits of the business that they are good at, and his extensive knowledge in dynamic database builds has given him insight into how much webtools can automate time consuming real life paperwork to free their time for exactly that.

Don’t miss this opportunity to give you and your business the vital knowledge needed to establish yourself as an authority.

Tickets available here: with a discount for buying multiple events.


If you want more advice on content, like our Facebook group. A new installment on copywriting will be out next month.

Written by Jade Zienkiewicz, Content and Services Director at Phlashweb.

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