Headphones that adjust to your hearing needs… wait, what?

Headphones that adjust to your hearing needs… wait, what?

Technological advancements mean you can now get a personalised listening experience.

Are you one of those people who can never pick the right headphones? You see the perfect design, you buy them and then they leave your ears sweaty, or they don’t fit your head properly. Or even worse – the sound turns out to be cheap, or somehow muted. It’s not just me, is it? I’ve always dreamt of headphones that sound great and fit comfortably. And it seems the solution is finally here – lucky me!

The truth is that everyone has different taste in music… Personally, I want to feel the beat of Imagine Dragons, but you may like something more treble or even deep. My hearing is also far from perfect, but hardly anybody has excellent sound detecting, which means that even if we listen to the same track and have the same headphones, we’ll likely hear the sound quite differently.

This is why Yannick Brandenberger and Erik Blommers (B&B) decided to solve this problem and make a set of headphones that can be adapted to everyone’s specific needs. Sounds genius. How does it work, though? Once you purchase the B&B Pure headphones , you download an app and run a test, similar to a standard hearing test. Then you listen to five tones that will check the ranges of your hearing. Once you answer the questions, the software will build your own unique hearing profile.

The better news? That’s not all.

The headphones also have an active noise-cancelling technology and dual microphones with clear-voice-cancelling tech that allows you to make phone calls without the background noise. How cool is that?

These unique features are just the latest innovation that B&B have developed. One of their previous models has the auto-pause feature, perfect for runners who can’t keep hitting the button constantly when they take their headphones off momentarily. Now, they’ve enhanced the development and added another bonus to the new model, which is the changeable over-ear and under-ear caps that play a vital role to your sound preferences. Also, you don’t have to worry about your head size anymore, because once you adjust them, you can lock the headphones into place.

The finishing touch? The cord retracts directly into the headphones so even if you’re in a rush you don’t have to worry about forgetting your charger anymore. When the B&B Pure Headphones are fully charged, they last about 20 hours playing. You have no idea how excited this makes me.

So, if like me, you haven’t found your perfect set of headphones yet, B&B allows you to create them with their awesome innovations that are available to pre-order already. The future is here and it gets sweeter every day!


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