Follow the Leader: The Ultimate Guide on how to be the Best of Them

Follow the leader

The ultimate guide on being the best of them.

Everyone wants to be a good leader, but let’s face it… that’s not an easy task. Anybody can be a manager, a director, a boss, but it takes great efficiency, limitless inspiration and honour to be a true leader.

Good news, everyone! Great leaders love to share their knowledge and help other people become their best self. So I’ve collated a list with some of what I consider to be the best points that will help you run your business like a genuine leader. Let’s have a look:

Be a model

Talking is easy, but leading by example is always best. If you want to encourage your employees to not be late, you should be in the office before anyone else. I’m sure you’ve had that boss – “the big boss” – who was always late because they think they can afford it. However, I’m also sure that no one liked him. Am I right? If your priority is to be professional, then make sure you are dressed for success and you’re treating everyone equally – ie, live by your own rules. So give an example and your employees will follow.

Be modest

Again, there is a big difference between being a boss and a leader. Although the responsibilities are the same, leaders always share the spotlight and love to help people. Modesty earns trust more than any glory. By being modest you not only get your employees respect but your clients loyalty as well.

Communicate effectively

Good communication is vital, not only in the office but everywhere. Good leaders must be heard and understood. Likewise, they must be good listeners and to be able to get the best out of each conversation.

Know your own limits

To be able to fly, you need to grow wings first. Knowing your limits will help you realise where your weaknesses are. You’re the leader, but you aren’t perfect, so you must know what you are best at, and what needs to be improved.

Find a mentor

Good leaders know when they need help and, more importantly, they know where to find it. Having a valuable mentor to advise you can be a game changer.

Be emotionally stable

Emotional intelligence is a great skill that everyone in business should have. It helps you establish good relationships with your colleagues, employees and partners, and enables you to see one point from different perspectives. I know this sounds easier than it actually is, especially if you work under pressure, so try to remind to yourself that the people around you are, also, humans and have their own ups and downs. Your role, as a leader, is to keep the balance and make them feel heard, understood and motivated.

Admit your mistakes

We’re all pros at making mistakes. So why is it so hard admitting them? Another great example you can give your employees is to start accepting your faults and learn from them. Focus on what went wrong and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Admitting you were wrong shows that you are only human and may gain you more respect.

Learn from the past

The history of business is full with so many successful business models, as well as spectacular disasters. You can learn a lot not only from the people whose business successes you find most admirable but even more from those who showed us how to fail tremendously.

Learn something new every day

I love talking about self-development and you cannot argue it’s the key to success. There is always something new and exciting to be explored. Keeping your mind constantly open to new ideas and opportunities, in turn, invites new ideas and opportunities. It’s simply the law of attraction.

In conclusion, allow me to add one more thing to the list.

Be inspirational!

Everyone can give commands, but is that what you really want? If you don’t want people to just follow your words blindly, inspire them! Inspired people will take the initiative, they will be constantly thinking of new ideas. You will attract employees who are thirsty for knowledge and working hard to achieve their goals. Want motivated, ambitious and immensely valuable staff? If you are an inspiration, you will always be surrounded by such people. And those are the people who you want to share your success with.

Written by Darina Kostadinova

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