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Copywriting for a career coach: a case study

Picture shows Jade Zienkiewicz, Phlashweb's copywriterProducing copywriting for a career coach is an exciting challenge. It’s an industry going through continuous development. That’s why we were proud of the work we did with the Activate Futures platform last year. This progressive, intersectional and socially conscious coaching service delivers more than just coaching. Here’s how we collaborated with them to communicate their very specific message.

Written by Jade Zienkiewicz

Coaching is an evolving market, with many types of mentors bringing their unique brand of self development to the fore. The key is to know what you offer and who you will appeal to.

We have discussed how different types of coaches segment their markets using their copy and content in our other blog, ‘Copywriting for coaches’. But to sum it up here, copy is the single most vital key tool you will use to appeal to your niche.

This is a blend of language, tone, sales pitch, world view, and the right content. Discussing topics that your audience will be concerned with in a way that assures them you are the coach for them.

The requirement: copywriting with a point of view

Activate Futures is a career coaching platform that launched in 2021. Based on an ethos of intersectionality, self-empowerment and self-love, Activate Futures helps women level up in work and life.

That’s why the copywriting for this career coach had to have the point of view at its core. We were looking to create website copy that both communicated the perspective of the business owner, and had a meaningful connection to the target audience.

The second requirement was to launch the platform on social media and build an audience. We produced a catalogue of  resources that explores the coaching style and ethos, attracting an audience who resonate with the values and approach of the platform.

Unique challenge: values and positioning to gain the right clients

Activate futures offers a style of coaching that is unique to its founder and owner, Charisse. She is the beating heart of the platform.

Copywriting for a career coach presents a unique challenge every time, because each coach is so individual. Communicating the values and methods of the platform clearly is key, ensuring the right clients resonate with it. Your copy builds a rapport, creating a relationship between the coach and the client. It will capture the imagination of the right clients. And they will come away knowing “this is the coach for me.”

A coaching service isn’t a one-off purchase basis. Coaching is a high-ticket investment. It’s asking a client to trust you, to put themselves in your hands – to be vulnerable.

That’s why it’s essential that you appeal to the needs to of the person you will work with. Hopefully you will work with them time and again throughout different transitions in life too.

Positioning your offer by communicating identity and values is essential. They really need to have a heart connection to who you are and what you stand for. That’s what we focussed on with Activate Futures.

Tone of voice = personality

In this particular case, it was identified early on that the platform would be unapologetic in tone. That would be its strongest component. Powerful, impactful language that challenges. Challenges both the self and society. But still being inspirational, and balanced with a motivating message of self-care and self-accountability.

This wasn’t to be a girly high five type of platform. The client’s requirement was that this writing had to have personality, had to feel mature and meaningful. She is appealing to both the young executive who wants to level up, but she’s also coaching women in directorships, and those branching out into setting up their own businesses. So a wide age range, but it is the world view that is the commonality.

The business was in incubation for a long time. However the point of view took shape during the political awakening of 2020. There was a requirement not just to offer a coaching service that is deeper in essence than most others, but also to recognise the changing global consciousness on issues of race and equality.

That’s why the platform isn’t just to coach women. It’s a place for them to discuss, recognise and support each other’s different circumstances on the intersection of race, class and sex. To get the best advice and inspiration from women who have spearheaded in business and society.

The platform seeks to explore and support women through the social microcosms they face in work and life, giving them a map of success and a community that they can lean on during times of professional and personal transformation.

Unique challenge part two: a client who has great writing skills

Charisse, our platform owner, can write. She just faces the common problem of every business owner: time constraints.

It can be more challenging to produce copywriting for a career coach who is already a proficient writer. When a client can write, taste and tone have a higher specificity. So we needed to accurately capture her individual voice just as much as her strengths-based coaching methodology.

Activate Futures needed someone who could play up Charisse’s voice, to communicate a message with her expertise, intellect, figurative language, and ideology.

Brand story

When copywriting for a career coach, there’s a synonymous approach shared with all business copy. That’s true however unique any brand is. Every business has a story. Those are a blend of personal stories from the platform owner, as well as the story around an unmet need in the world that they want to fix. The brand story is based on the founder’s need to create change. To have a positive impact.

It’s important to understand how a business idea came about so you don’t lose sight of its values. They should run through every thread of content.

Understanding the story behind the brand was essential to creating the About Us page. This is where we explore the founder’s professional life and her interaction with coaching over the years. It’s an opportunity to give logical reasons for the prospect to ‘buy in’.

In that first blog we detailed the journey more extensively, delving into the platform owners first experiences with mentorship.

Showing how the values of the platform took formation, many years before the business became established. This was quite a personal thing to do for the business owner. But it was essential to give meaning and depth to the platform. It helps readers resonate with Charisse’s values and story.

Just as in these examples of copywriting for coaches, James Smith felt he had the wrong information as a young sportsman and wanted to rectify that. Similar to fitness coach Carly Light Bown who wanted to create a safe training space for people to train away from disordered eating. These are the starting points for change.

Making an impact

For Activate Futures it was to offer a way forwards to those on differing intersections of life. To create understanding between different groups of women, and share information on progress in life and career. An idea that already existed in the mind of the platform owner, but really took formation during the summer of 2020 when discussions over social justice were at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

And that’s what the launch blog explores. It was a jumping off point, introducing the platform’s values. We are positioning the business as more than a coaching platform: a place for introspection, development and serious discussions about society and how we can progress in the context of our given social structure.

The writing journey

Jade Zienkiewicz interviewed Charisse extensively. Charisse knew her coaching tiers and prospect segments well. It was up to us to boil those down to their salient points so as people can quickly see themselves.

After three phases of feedback, drafting and editing, we produced impactful writing. The copy spoke to the three top identified needs, and touched on the different audience segments.

What is on offer and how should her clients feel when they undertake a coaching programme? In an effort to match needs and values, the by-line and tagline led with that.

Impactful messages

What we produced was an impactful opening statement that celebrated Charisse’s personal brand. This was to set the tone and the offer. Below you can see snapshots from the final copy.

“Gain a sense of agency, control and clarity, whether you’re advanced in your career, transitioning in life, or in the embryonic stages of your profession.”

Case study on copywriting for a career coach headline image

Then we introduced the platform’s owner and coach – the human behind the service. This provides reassurance, and gives the reader their first interaction with the person they will work with.

Case study image on copywriting for a career coach (biography snapshot)

Followed by this is the company’s mission statement, which affirms the values of the platform and helps the reader to see themselves and their needs.

Casestudy image on Copywriting for a career coach

The feedback

Charisse said: “I was searching for companies that had that creative edge, and Phlashweb looked like that company.”

Of the resulting work, she said: “The final writing Jade produced superseded all of my expectations and what was developed was beautiful copywriting. Fundamentally, my voice was strongly imprinted all over it. Jade went above and beyond and pushed all boundaries to think out of the box.” You can read more about what she had to say on our copywriting work together here.

Since then we’ve been working with Charisse on an ongoing basis to produce her Instagram content. We work in the same way we produced her website content: consulting, collaborating and listening to feedback. We’re so proud of the results.

In June this year, the business got it’s 1000th follower. New things are on the horizon for this exciting platform, and we can’t wait.


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