Phlashweb started life as PhillAsh Ltd, and was formed in early 2013 with the vision of providing an exceptional service to clients in the trading technology space. It was only after our founder, Phill Ash, had spent over 10 years in the Fintech industry that the vision evolved. He realised the incredible scope of opportunity to improve things on a broad spectrum across all sectors of industry and not just Fintech. It was time to expand our services launching Phlashweb as the new brand for the company.

We evolved to provide not only outstanding consulting and project work, but also to develop bespoke software and technical support services for our clients.

More recently, in 2019, we’re proud to say that we grew again as a company. We redeveloped our website, and expanded our staff and services. We now help companies improve their digital profile through digital marketing, copywriting and content creation.


Our aim is to provide an exceptional standard of service to those looking for bespoke web based or mobile applications.

We separate ourselves from most of our competitors because we genuinely care about our clients business and that they get the result they need to help them move forward. As a company we pride ourselves on having a very unique blend of technology experience, creativity and highly effective team members which allows us to solve problems in quite an efficient and innovative manner.

Operating as a small company has numerous benefits. Not just offering a very quick and efficient turnaround at an extremely competitive price, but it also allows us to be flexible in terms of deliverables and overall outcomes throughout the life of a project. Being able to harness this seems to be a distinct advantage in today’s corporate environment as technology moves forward at an ever increasing pace.


Phill Ash

Phlashweb Founder and CEO

Phill graduated from Birmingham University with a Masters Degree in Computer Science in 2003. After spending over 15 years in the Fintech industry, working in various roles as an analyst, project manager and later training and managing overseas support teams he began to realise the significant challenges companies faced in managing IT services.

Over the years he’s seen countless cases of inefficiency, poor processes or a simple lack of understanding leading to significant resource and financial cost. He believes there is an incredible scope of opportunity to improve things and he strives for Phlashweb to be part of that change. His vision is to provide an exceptional service to the clients we have not just in the trading technology space but across any industry.

Jade Zienkiewicz

Content and Services Director

Jade is our Content and Services Director. She joined Phlashweb in late 2018 to set up and launch our copywriting services and oversee the company communications.

Jade’s background is in writing, communications and website production. She spent 12 years in a respected writers’ organisation, developing their communications channels, writing articles, blogs and social media content. Her experience with the creative industries is supplemented by her involvement in major web development projects during her time at the company, managing the user experience and user testing aspects for both clients and staff.

Oliver Harrison

Technical Lead

Oliver joined Phlashweb in August 2019 and has taken the lead on our maintenance services and dabbled in the technical side of our digital marketing services. Oliver has a broad educational background, with qualifications in Maths, Finance, Economics and Computer Science, Oliver is now working towards a Computer Science degree at Queen Mary University of London. At Phlashweb he applies his hybrid knowledge to oversee various different technical projects ranging from the management of some of our advertising campaigns to the maintenance of our clients technical services.

Raka Gunarto

Technical architect & Developer

Raka specialises in MERN stack development, and more specifically in Node.js backend development. He’s worked on projects ranging from fully fledged web platforms to intelligent databases for report generation. He is also experienced in systems administration, setting up servers and securing them from outside attackers. His experience in DevOps includes creating automated workflows that make the process from writing code to deployment on the live site automated and smoother with the help of automated deploy and test scripts. In his spare time Raka enjoys tinkering with embedded systems and IoT as well as working on home automation.

Ben Cooper

Phlashweb Technical Support Engineer and Developer

Ben develops and maintains clients’ internal and web applications. He works primarily on warehouse applications within distribution settings. He also works on Sharepoint systems administration. In his spare time, he likes to design and print 3D Models and contribute to open-source software. Ben's technical skills in programming are in Python and Java!

Sam Poirier

Technical Consultant and Developer

Sams spends a lot of his time working in .NET applications and databases, supporting our clients in their systems administration and evolvement. In-particular he works in the creation of warehouse applications within distribution settings. He has a technical interest in reverse-engineering applications and game development. In his spare time he likes to work on his own game development projects.

Tilly Farrands

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Tilly implements all the general marketing activities at Phlashweb and oversees the PhlashWeb events, podcasts, social channels and customer interactions. Tilly is also one of Phlashweb’s bloggers and takes great enjoyment in being creative and interacting with our amazing partners. In her spare time you will find her at the stable with her horse or practising her music!

Marianne Bo

PA to Phill Ash

Marianne is Phill’s PA, and has run the background operations of Phlashweb for the last two years. She oversees all things administrative and also provides admin support in Phill’s other businesses. Her background is in Real Estate and Property Management in a reputable company for 10 years. She’s our chief ‘go to’ person and is so incredibly efficient that we want to hug her with gratitude every day!

Cheryl De Leon

Digital Editor

Cheryl is a key player in various aspects of our services including video editing, image editing, copywriting and social media management. Cheryl completed her education in 2002, getting her BSc Hospitality Management which helped her understand the services industry and gave her deep insight into customer service, an area she spent five years in.



  • We are a creative, enthusiastic and professional team who care about our clients.
  • We value and support our staff just as much as our clients.
  • We strive to create a positive impact with every project.


  • Our focus is on our client’s needs.
  • Our work will support your strategy and growth.
  • Our relationships with our clients are an equally valuable aspect of any project



  • Your problems are our problems.
  • For every issue we point out, we have a solution.
  • Our goals are SMART: Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.


  • Our customer support is unmatched: we’re always ready to go above and beyond.
  • We recognise our social responsibility and regularly participate in community events.
  • We encourage an open dialogue – we are here however you need us.


  • We change course if we discover a better alternative to the existing plan.
  • We believe in being consistently honest, open and genuine.
  • We stay true to our word.

6. FUN

  • We work in an environment where we think big, have fun and do good.
  • Having fun while working makes a more adventurous, creative and open-minded team.
  • We strive to build a positive culture at work and have fun together.